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Wellness Services:

  • Complete Physical examination
  • Vaccinations - individualized based on the exposure risk to each horse
  • Coggins tests (Equine Infectious Anemia)
  • Dental care -  Routine teeth floating, wolf tooth extraction
  • Deworming program

Health Services:

  • Complete Physical examination, Diagnosis and Treatment options
  • In-house laboratory allows for same day results of Complete Blood Counts, Chemistry Panels, Electorlytes, Fecal parasite exams 
  • Additional testing available through the NY State Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Lameness evaluation

Reproductive Services:

  • Ultrasound monitoring of estrous cycle
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound or bloodwork for miniatures/donkeys
  • Foaling assistance if needed
  • New foal exams - IgG evaluation/Plasma transfusions if necessary